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spending programs hurt the economy. they have a new bock by the george w. bush institute the four percent solution. i smoke to former governor jeb bush earlier. >> it is great to be with you. >> i see the governors running on campaign of reform and cuttin budget under control. they get in office and then they beat the day lights out of them because they kept ape campaign promise. scott walker in wisconsin, and rick scott in florida, and so what are we to make of the fact that people don't want them to fulfill the promises? >> i think they do. you earn people's respect over the long hall if people want to be popular than do what is right. i admire what rick scott is doing in florida and scott walker went in a fire storm and came out stronger because of it people want genuine and they want people to understand the concerns and also want leaders and they want people to lay out an agenda and execute on that agenda passion and conviction . >> people don't understand in the state level the budget doesn't have to balance. it is not like the feds who are borrowing money and putting it off. what a
. the george w. bush institute has come out with a book called "the 4% solution", what does that mean, the 4% solution? >> means if we could grow our economy in real terms at 4% per year, over a sustained period of time, that we could begin to solve these, what appear to be intractable problems. if we don't grow at that rate. then i think there are going to be a lot of the shattered dreams in in country. we have to grow far faster than what obama economics is bringing us and we can do that with a set of policies and this book is about this, really brilliant people are writing chapters on a variety of different policy areas that combined could create the chance that we could achieve an aspirational goal of 4% per year over a decade of time. >> mike: and we've never really sustained that level of growth. so we're talking about we'll have to do something differently to get that kind of result, but what are the the things we've got to do to make that work? >> we'd have to have fiscal reform. entitlement reform, government can't the be consuming 25% of gdp and expect any kind of high growth solut
, well i did it for ford in '76, but then again for george w. bush in 2000. i had a couple calls from prominent politicians who would say it would help me in my race back home if i was on the list. you are on the list. then somebody could leak the fact that they were on the list. but that was the big list. it was easy to get on the big list. the tough part is the small list. the one that is really under active consideration. and the test to get on the small list has to be is this person capable of being president of the united states. that's usually a very, very short list. >> what about the other considerations? can you bring a state? can you -- reach out to a specific demographic, woman, hispanic? >> those are important issues. but they should never be allowed to override the first proposition. and i think that, that was one of the problems mccain had. i like governor palin. i have met her the i know her. she is an attractive candidate. but based on her background she had only been governor for two years. i don't think she passed that test. >> being ready? >> being ready to take ove
for re-election. and there was also then-governor george w. bush, his hands touching the wall. other famous faces elizabeth taylor, richard burton in 1975. and in 2000, ailing pope john paul ii made an historic trip, attempting to build a stronger relationship with catholics and jews, we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood to the people. two more prayers added with quiet wishes from america. mr. and mrs. romney, writing the prayers together, adding to so many powerful moments at the western wall. david muir, abc news, jerusalem. >> and, again this is just about halfway through his international tour. he said, he said yesterday, that preventing iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities that is going to be his highest national security priority. >> right. and david, part of the interview, pressed him, said your strategy in terms of iran, israel doesn't seem too different from how the obama administration handed it. we will see if there is a strict difference here. some have been critical saying, israel, american tensions have never been worse than right now. so he is trying
-election. there was also then governor george w. bush, his hands touching the wall. there have been other famous faces, elizabeth taylor and richard burton in 1975, but it was in 2000 the world watched an ailing pope john paul ii making an historic trip attempting to build a stronger relationship between catholics and jews. leaving a note. "we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people," and tonight two more prayers added with quiet wishes from america. all of those powerful moments from the western wall. that is the broadcast tonight from jerusalem. diane sawyer right back at the desk tomorrow night. for sharyn alfonsi back in new york and all of us here at abc news, have a good evening. good night from jerusalem. >> ama: next at 6:00. superman gets stuck and passengers get trapped on a ride at six flags in vallejo. >> a child is injured after he is attacked by a pit bull at his baby-sit's house. >> man intentionally runs over a box of kittens. abc-7 news starts right now. >>> breaking news tonight. a scare for dozens of passengers, trapped on a ride at six flags discovery kingdo
to a similar cover in 1987 of george w. bush. the media said he was worried he wouldn't be able to get enough sleep. >>> an israel newspaper is reporting president obama's national security adviser, thomas donelan, has briefed the prime minister on a u.s. contingency plan to attack iran if diplomacy is unable to stop the country's nuclear program. the article sourced a senior u.s. official speaking on the condition of anonymity. that's the power of the presidency. they don't let romney get all the headlines in israel. >>> here at home, democrats remain critical of romney's performance abroad, specifically his rocky start in london where the republican candidate publicly voiced concerns over the uk's ability to handle the summer olympics you see here on nbc. >> mitt romney wondered aloud whether london was ready for the olympics, and i think it's clear that voters in this country wonder aloud whether mitt romney is ready for the world. and i think the world is not yet ready for mitt romney. i'm happy david cameron had the last word because i thought it was embarrassing for our country. >> on t
. amazing. and george w. bush won't be there either. remember his offcamera endorsement of romney from behind a pair of closing elevator doors? well, this is no surprise. the bush/cheney years left a smoldering mess. alicia and chrystia, let me ask you quickly. what do you think about bush and cheney not showing up contrasting with clinton giving the primetime speech? >> it means the toxicity hasn't worn off. they are staying away as much for themselves as for the party. >> you know, i think it also shows something quite surprising for me about the top republicans. and we saw this in the cheney/palin fight that broke out. they are known for being the well organized, unified team. and i've been surprised at the level of public bickering we've seen into the campaign. this should be an election easy for the republicans to win. the economy after all is incredibly weak. >> the fact that bill clinton and barack obama is going to give this picture of unity and bush and cheney cannot do that, clearly gives an advantage to the president. but do you also think the fact there's such statements ma
to a similar cover 25 years ago about george h.w. bush. he said he was a pretty good present. he said he has never been called a wimp before and said he doesn't lose any sleep over the criticism. brian? >> peter alexander traveling with governor romney in jerusalem. peter, thanks. >>> former vice president dick cheney said it was a mistake for senator john mccain to pick then alaska governor sarah palin as his running mate back in '08. he says she just wasn't ready to take over the top job, a bomb line qualification for a v.p. selection. >> i like governor palin. i've met her. i know her. she's an attractive candidate, but based on her background, she'd only been governor for about two years. i don't think she passed that test. >> of being ready. >> of being ready to take over. and i think that was a mistake. >> cheney went on to say the mccain campaign didn't handle the vetting process well, which, of course, is a perception the romney campaign is trying very hard not to repeat. >>> now we turn our focus to syria where violence continued to intensify today in that nation's largest city, ale
be like george w. bush having only been up 6 points in alabama over john kerry in 2004. that is too close. if you're an incumbent president and democrat you need to be killing in michigan, it needs to be a total wipe out for you. you should not have to ror reabout spending resources there. in the i70 and north corridor going out from pennsylvania all the way out to iowa up into wisconsin, michigan, those states he's got big problems. democrats had huge problems there in 2010 and president obama has the worst numbers among white working class voters who are maybe as much as 40% of the election threa electorate since walter mondale. megyn: if bill clinton were running they'd say, there i my guy. i love bill clinton, the boy from hope. if they don't connect with president obama is bill clinton getting up there andt me, he's o it? >> i tell you what he's going to say. he's pretty good, he's not as good as i was, but he's pretty good, he's pretty good. megyn: there is risk of that with president clinton, there is very real risk of that. >> that's what he does. you remember in the springtime wh
it for ford in 76, but then again for george w. bush in 2000 i had a couple of calls from prominent politicians who said it would really help me for my race back home because i was on the list if somebody could leak the fact that they were on the list. that was the big list. it was easy to get on the big list. the tough part is the small list the one under active consideration. the test on the small list, is this person capable of being president of the united states. that's usually a very, very short list. >> fascinating a big list and a small list. romney saying last week a decision will not be made while he is still overseas. >>> before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina who has more potential of severe weather on the great lakes. they have been getting severe weather but not enough of the rain they need. >> exactly. we have 80 percent of the lower 48 under dry conditions. a combhing of the country experiencing drought conditions. we are not seeing a lot of rainfall with some of the storms. they are relatively isolated so
breaks for people making over $250,000 a year. president george w bush lowered then during his eight years in office was the lowest net since world war ii but when president clinton was in office job creation during that period was the highest since world war ii. the highest at 23 million. deputy press secretary says that the president's balanced approach fits with the current president's approach to grow the economy and deal with the different. >> president clinton, because of his record on these issues, because he shares president obama's view, that the best policy is to put in place the economic policies that invest in the middle class, that grow our economy from the middle, out. >>reporter: some say president obama is running on president clinton's economy. >>shepard: you are required to have no memory in politics but those who do, remember the two families, man alive, this we beat the heck out of each other. how did we get here? >>reporter: there are risks, but you can, obviously, look forward to the potential hillary clinton candidacy in 2016 and say that president clinton woul
was having a george w. bush flashback with mitt romney, a string of gaffes and bluster and all of this stuff. from the bush administration. >> it is true. when you look at his foreign policy advisers, 17 of the 24 who are listed on his campaign site were bush officials. and a lot of his rhetoric, when he does lay out a position is sort of harking back to the policies that we saw and i think in many cases failed in the bush administration. >> stephanie: the bush years we all remember so warmly. michele, thank you for your time this morning. hope to talk to you again as the campaign rolls along. there she goes, michele flournoy >> he criticized islamic countries for voting in islamic leaders. >> stephanie: how dare they. >> mormon elders? >> stephanie: wow! is there anyone he hasn't pissed off this week? [ applause ] >> comparing the -- the gdp between israel and palestine. palestine is being occupied by israel. >> stephanie: all right. more stinky poor people to him. okay. 58 minutes after the hour. right back
president. lbj, bill clinton, or george w. bush. >> yeah. for our intelligence. the sharing of sorts in a very open way. president obama on the nation's security. i think it's a highly story record from his point of view. >> wolf, how do you scare this? you have netanyahu, who is o fusive about mitt romney. what do you make of that? >> well, both of them told me, the prime minister, the president of israel who worked in the defense establishment of israel for so many years, a former prime minister. as well as the current defense minister, who is a former prime minister of israel, both said the u.s./israeli military to military velgs ship right now. intelligence community to intelligence community relationship right now is excellent. it's as good if not better than it's ever been before. and they were extremely complimentary to president obama. both of them, and even as romney was still on basically the ground in israel. he was just getting ready to leave to fly off to poland. i was surprised by the enthusiastic praise they had for president obama, given some of the problems that pres
a wimp? >> well, chris, having been involved in the original "newsweek" cover which was 1987, george w. bush who we eluded to as a war hero. be that as it may, i don't think mitt romney is a wimp in the sense that he will say -- it's more i find cynical in he will say just about anything it seems in the very cold-blooded and i would say cold-hearted pursuit of the white house. what he did to some of the other candidates in the republican primaries was pretty cold. and so i don't see him -- politically he almost doesn't seem to care. i don't find that to be wimpish. i find it to be cynical. >> also i would throw in the word arrogant or distant as well. i think wimpiness is the problem. i think he's detached in certain ways. when he says i'm not going to turn over my taxes, i'm not going to tell you about my ira. that's not being wimpy. that's having a "you people" attitude. like i don't have to answer to you people. i've given you people enough. that's not really wimpy. so i think "newsweek" was calling in on the historical legacy that howard helped to create to help sell magazines. >>
%, in real terms. ronald reagan cut defense by 10% in his second term. george h.w. bush cut it. so this is right in line with those. that seems to make sense. >> yes, when you're talking about percentages, always matter where is you're starting from. i think it's more instructive to actually look at the dollars being cut f. you look at the total between defense and non-defense, it would represent a reduction of over $100 billion in the coming fiscal year. and that's really the number you have to focus on that translates into the economic impact that we're talking about. so a structure today, this would be a precipitous set of cuts that would happen very quickly, would happen without the benefit of strategic thinking on how they would be applied. to do that at a time when our nation continues to face an array of security issues around the globe that demand our attention, demand our presence, demand our military capability, really does not make any sense. >> so are you saying, then, that on a percentage basis, that these cuts would be fair, but your problem is the way they're going a
there. the media says a lot of things about mitt romney. in 1987, george h.w. bush, when he was vice president at the time, "newsweek" did the exact same thing. look at the article they did in 1987. they asked whether he was too wimpy to be president. this got under the bush family's skin. this is a different sort of media environment. back then, the cover of a news magazine having much impact in shaping a narrative in a presidential race in 1987 was probably much stronger than it is today, john. mitt romney will probably be same. >> george h.w. bush won, by the way. he may have been a wimp, but he won. >> also, the republicans succeeded in making michael dukakis the wimp in 1988, not george h.w. bush. so in the end, the wimp thing didn't really matter. >> we have news on the democratic side. we're waking up to news that bill clinton is going to be speaking on wednesday night of convention week in charlotte, the primetime speech that wednesday night, nominating president obama. looking at the long complicated relationship between the clintons and obamas, this is a particularly big de
the middle east. he said president george w. bush urged hosni mubarak to move toward a more democratic post tour but president obama abandoned the freedom agenda and we're seeing a whirlwind of tur molt because the nations did not em grace the reforms that could have changed the course of their his tri in a more peaceful manner. what do you make of that comment? >> i think this is a great example of romney sort of using foreign policy as a way to mischaracterize the president's record. i think from the president's cairo speech all the way through his actions during the egyptian revolution, it's been clear which side the united states is on and that is on the side of democracy and freedom. what romney fails to do each and every time is really layout how his policy would be different. what specifically would he do differently and we haven't heard from him on those issues. the american people frankly deserve to know that. >> we know now there was a contingency plan shared with attacking iran if any kind of diplomacy should fail and looks like they are getting a nuclear weapon.
and expanded by president george w. bush, a conservative republican, and which includes scientists at nasa, e.p.a., the department of defense, the department of agriculture, the department of energy, the state department, the department of health, the department of transportation, commerce, and interior, what they have said -- and i quote -- "global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced." end of quote. senator inhofe has said, global warming is a hoax, but the global change research program, which brings together many departments of the united states government, they say, and i quote, "global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced." understand of quote. -- end of quote. mr. president, our national academy of sciences joined with academies in brazil, canada, china, france, germany, india, italy, japan, mexico, russia, south africa, and the united kingdom. they came together to say, and i quote, "the need for urgent action to address climate change is now indisputable, end of quote. senator inhofe, global warming is a hoax. academies of science all over the world state,
, democratic or republican have not rushed to jerusalem once they are in office. for example, george w. bush was a great supporter of israel. bill: indeed. >> but went there only once and if his second term not his first. bill: point taken. marvin kaleb thank you out of washington. heather: have you heard about this massive black out in northern india. the power grid collapses bringing trains to a stop, forcing hospitals and airports to use generators, and leaving millions of people sweltering in the summer heat. david piper streaming live for us from bangkok, hi land. what caused this and when will power be restored? >> there are hundreds of millions of indians suffering today because they haven't got even all the power back on yet. the real reason for it they don't know. some suggestion is that some of the states are taking too much power off the grid and that's why it crashed. but they've launched a parliamentary inquiry now. the indian government has said in the last hour, they say 85% of the power is back on, a lot of questions are being asked because the capitol of del of deli has had
's the impact is same as george w. bush that two state solution and they have got to stop building the settlement. bush said that day-in and day-out. as you know, bush never went to israel in his first term. right? so i just think i guess maybe we have an obligation as reporters to try to find out what the truth is you know. >> right. no. i hear you. this speech, itself is interesting and it comes a couple of days after obama signed legislation that increases military aid to israel but looking at romney's remarks, he made the point that as american shouldn't just be military intelligence and those who seek to undermine israel maybe out over the base but i have not really heard recently an implicit specific case made as to what those criticisms are. i am not a foreign policy expert by any extent. >> one other thing when romney is in jerusalem, he gives an interview to david muir of abc and david muir said you travel overseas but you still got these political problems back at home. there is a lot of flap about your tax returns and romney repeated he was on
however distantly to people as diverse as warren buffet, sarah palin, rush limbaugh and george w. bush, but now the researchers at have discovered startling new evidence, a connection in his mother's family tree. president obama's diverse roots from kenya to kansas are widely known, but now researchers have found a new link. >> president obama is the 11th great grandson of john punch who was the first documented african to be enslaved for life in the american colonies. >> joseph shumway from ancest says his mother is the first descendent of the american slaves through a family called bunch. >> we found that through dna testing by members of the bunch family that their direct ancestors are are subsaharan african origin. we made the connection with the earliest bunch family members and a gentleman by the name of john punch. >> reporter: in 1640, john punch, an african was a servant in virginia who escaped, was caught, and sentenced to remain in bondage to his master for life. as for the difference in the names, punch with a p versus bunch with a b, researchers s
as diverse as warren buffett, sarah palin, rush limbaugh and george w. bush. now, discovering startling new evidence, a connection in his mother's family tree. president obama diverse roots from kenya to kansas are widely known. now researchers found a new link. >> president obama is the 11th great-grandson of john punch, the first documented african to it be enslaved for life in the american colony. >> reporter: from says the president's white smoerp a direct descendant of the first known slave in the american colonies through a family by the name of bunch. >> we found that through dna testing done by members of the bunch family that their direct an sers ancestors from subsaharan africa. a gentleman by the name of john punch. >> reporter: in the 1640, john punch, a african servant in virginia, escaped, caught and sentenced to remain enslaved to his owner for life. punch versus bunch, researchers they that's not unusual. the early record names are as they sounded. genealogists say the slave john punch is the only likely person to be the father of john bunch. it joh
, have promised to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. neither george w. bush nor bill clinton followed through but in this exclusive interview mitt romney tells our wolf blitzer he will make that happen if he's elected. >> reporter: do you consider jerusalem to be the capital of israel? >> yes, of course. a nation has the compass itty to choose its own capital city and jerusalem is israel's capital. >> reporter: if you become president of the united states would you move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? >> i think it's long been the policy of our country to have our embassy in the nation's capital, jerusalem. the decision to actually make the move is one, if i were president, i would want to take in consultation with the lead r leadership of the government which exists at that time. so i would follow the same policy we have in the past, our embassy would be in the capital but the timing of that is something i would want to work out with the xwoft. >> reporter: with the government of israel? >> with the government of israel. >> reporter: they have asked every u.s.
of it as their our two lists. there is a big list that has a lot of folks on it. i did it for ford and for george w. bush in 2000. i had some calls from prominent republicans who said it would help if i was on the list. some body could leak the fact that it was on the list. the tough part is the smallest. the test to get on the smallest is is the person capable of being vice president and that is usually a small list. >> what about other considerations? >> they should never be allowed to override the first proposition. i think that was one of the problems john mccain had. i like governor palin. i know her, i met her. based on a background, she had been governor for two years and i don't think she passed the test of being ready to take over and i think that was a mistake. host: former vice president dick cheney on abc's "this week." davis instory by susan "usa today." you can see sarah palin with her husband campaigning. "the conservative moment helps fuel republican 2010 election victories across the country is transitioning from a protest movement to one that is targeting locals. i think it is a m
on the defense policy board under president george w. bush. in 1999, gingrich was appointed to the united states commission on national security 21st century and the -- commission to examine national security challenges. he is also committed to developing free-market health care reforms centered on the individual. in 2003, he founded the center for health transformation. he and his wife host and produce award winning documentary films together and author the author of books. his daughter has spoken at the luce policy interests -- institute and has written policy breaks for us. he has written 23 books, including 13 "the new york times" best sellers. during his leadership he used his incredible background to be one of the strongest, most compelling and innovative conservative leaders on the stage. join me in welcoming this extraordinary conservative leader, newt gingrich. [applause] >> thank you all. some housekeeping. i will give you a very brief talk so we can spend most fun -- most of the time questions you want and at the very end we will take two or three minutes to take pictures. i noticed s
will put out. there will be no george w. bush, by the way at the republican convention in tampa. i would like terry comment why that is the case. rick: hold on, i will, questions, gentlemen. i want to ask you about the former president's ability to reach a certain voting bloc that the current president has had a tough time reaching and has not been very successful with him, white males. bill clinton, can do that, can't he? >> i think that is precisely what this is about. over the past 3 1/2, four years, barack obama has become disconnected from the middle class, from independent, and ticket-splitting voters, people that were crucial to his election in the last go round. so this, this is about president obama trying to get a little bit of love from independents and ticket-splitting democrats and republicans. bill clinton has achieved a certain stature, a certain statesmanship that barack obama is trying to piggyback on. i think, peter is right, they need to reconnect with the middle class. this is one day they will do it. i tell you, wednesday night speech in august ain't going to get it
cover about a different republican presidential candidate. the magazine famously labeled george h.w. bush a wimp. guess what? he went onto win the white house. one of the questions we have today is this just a big publicity stunt by a magazine to get readers, and what do they mean behind wimp any way? >> he is wishy washy of the most important issues of today, on pro-life versus pro-choice, on immigration. >> politicians, if we had a dollar for every politician who changed their position on an issue, we could both retire from our jobs. >> one or two issues, sure. not six. not seven, not the most important issues. not every single one of the most important issues of our time. >> newsweek may consider it pandering but romney's tough talk delivered in jerusalem was anything but wishy washy. he was strong and forceful and not wimpy at all. >> now is then the conduct of iran's leaders gives us no reason to trust them with nuclear material. today the regime in iran is five years closer to developing nuclear capability. preventing that outcome must be our highest national security priority
was doing it for -- well, i did it for ford in '76, but then again for george w. bush in 2000, i had a couple of calls from prominent politicians who would say, it would really help me in my race back home if i was on the list. then somebody could go leak the fact that they were on the list. but that was the big list. it's easy to get on the big list. the tough part is the small list, the one that's really under active consideration and the test to get on that small list has to be, is this person capable of being president of the united states? that's usually a very, very short list. >> steve: on that point, he also told abc news that john mccain made a mistake in picking sarah palin because she had only been governor of the great state of alaska for two years, didn't have enough preparation to be ready to do the big job on the first day. >> gretchen: and john mccain will be coming up live on our show and brian will ask him that question, how he feels about dick cheney saying that. >> brian: did he just eliminate marco rubio, by the way? >> gretchen: obviously he's not a fan of presi
Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)